“It is always seems Impossible, until it is Done” – Nelson Mandela


Welcome to my personal blog!

My name is Kathlene Canar, 28 years old . I live in the only border city of Canada, The City of Lloydminster. I am hoping to educate and inspire people around the world.

Here’s my story,

I have lived in Canada since late 2011, came straight from the Philippines with Sam, my boyfriend (turned husband) with the purpose of earning a living for ourselves and for our family back home. By year 2014 we have gained our permanent residency and started planning for the future.

Fast forward, by year 2016 we have received over flowing blessings – our son was born, signed on a house and got a new vehicle for the growing family. As the day passes ,our expenses started growing and our credit cards started drowning. It started getting a little financially challenging. So I went back to work early and Sam doing two part time jobs in the evening while he watches our son during the day when I am at work.

This brought me in creating this blog in purpose to inspire other people around the world, that there is always good in life whatever situation you are in.  Join me in finding a way to get out of the rat race be free.

~ Kathlene